ReThunk Foods

Branding & Logo Design 

The team at the agency was tasked with familiarizing ourselves with the brand of ReThunk Foods. We were then asked to encapsulate the brand's values, voice and vision into a logo for the new brand.


My team conducted individual research composed of mood boards, competition analyses, and initial sketches. The team met internally and as a whole within The Agency critiquing logo mockups. 

This logo was created to emphasize the uniqueness of ReThunk. As a fully sustainable brand, this logo shows that ReThunk is different, yet fun. 

Initial sketches for the logo design.

This first logo was created to resembling the cheese puff snack. The logo feels modern, fun and bold. 

This logo really emphasizes the sustainability aspect of ReThunk with the earth inside of the leaf. The individual letters represent how nature reflects imperfection.