Advertising Campaign

Peacock is an upcoming streaming service by NBC Universal. Peacock will include your favorite classic television shows and movies as well as new original content. Peacock will also stream live sports and the 2020 Olympics. For this six month campaign, my group and I conducted market research, created advertisement mockups, and organized media placement with a clear budget breakdown. 

As creative director of the Peacock Campaign, I believe it is important for advertisements to connect to people in an emotional way. For this campaign, I led the creative direction with two emotions in mind: nostalgia and enthusiasm. Nostalgia to reflect NBC’s previous classics and enthusiasm toward the new original content Peacock has to offer.

Advertisement Mockups

inside subway ad.jpg

NBCUniversal continues to entertain loyal and new audiences across the globe. Decades worth of content have helped cultivate a diverse, appreciative audience. As it steps forward into the new decade, NBCUniversal is again ready to make an impact. This time, that impact comes in the form of Peacock, a breakthrough streaming service. Peacock will give users immediate access to NBC’s immense library, one that will contain classic favorites, fresh originals, and recent hits. The service will provide audiences with a wide range of original content, in addition to old favorites. Our agency is eager to see Peacock realize its goals, in addition to new audiences. Through uniform delivery and a clear message, NBCUniversal will reach audiences with a genuine connection. 


NBCUniversal continues to be recognized as an international powerhouse for its television productions, which have created expansive communities within popular culture for years. Late-night television, comedy series’ and dramatic offerings have given NBC a well-rounded perception among entertainment consumers. Now, the company has turned its sights towards the streaming age. Already immensely popular for its television reputation, NBCUniversal is focusing on growing its Peacock home - one where all of its content can be accessed.




advertising objectives:

We will aim to promote Peacock as a welcoming, lively, and fresh option for streaming consumers. It is key that customers are properly introduced to Peacock’s features, offerings, and different deals. Consumers will need time and information in order to familiarize themselves with Peacock’s key features and overall structure.  It will be imperative to highlight the product's benefits and what differentiates itself from other top streaming competitors.

advertising goals:

The campaign will aim to reach three primary goals. Most importantly, it will be vital to build overall brand awareness and recall with Peacock and consumers. Consistent advertisements aimed at the right primary and secondary markets will aid in achieving this. Proper promotion of Peacock will aim to increase subscriber numbers, providing NBCUniversal with a solid, ever-growing consumer base for its new service. This will help overall sales numbers, too. Within these goals, Peacock will actively be trying to engage with new audiences, particularly ones with minimal exposure to NBC products and services. 

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